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Current passive income pr month: $105.00

My plan to get rich

I will keep a full time job untill my passive income is double the size of all my expenses. Then I will quit my job and only work for myself.

And this is my plan to get to get there:

  1. Save 10% of all I make to invest. It will be invested in anything that increases my passive income.
  2. 30% of the salary from my job will be used to pay down debts. The only debt I have is school loans, about 210.000 Norwegian Kroners, about $32.000 dollars.
  3. And use the remaining 60% to cover all my living expenses. I dont want to live as a cheapo who cant spend money on anything because he has to save every cent he gets.
  4. Every dollar I make from my investments will be used to purchase new investments. I will not use any of that money for anything else, no matter how badly I want something.