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Different ways to make money on the internet

When it comes to making money online, only your own creativity limits you to what you can do. There are certainly many ways to make money that are not ethical, and I wont talk much about them here.

#1. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. You publish ads on your website and earn money every time someone clicks on the ads on your website. What you make per click various from a couple of cents pr click up to several dollars per click. The only requirement to make money with a PPC program like is that you own a website that have decent traffic. Both Google with AdSense and Yahoo with their publisher network are big players in the PPC advertisement business.

#2. Affiliate marketing. You sell someone else’s product and get a commission of the sale. You usually get your own unique link with the company/product you are affiliated with, and you get a commision from everyone who follows your link and buys something. If you already own a website, this can be a good way to increase your profits. However, you are not required to run a website to make money with an affiliate program. In point #1, I talked about PPC programs. You can advertise your affiliate link in a PPC program and make money that way. It may cost you five or ten dollars to get a sale, but if you get paid $20 or $100 for every sale you generate, its a no-brainer. Many companies run their own affiliate program, but you can also join an affiliate network like Commission Junction or ClickBank. They team up with advertisers and have a huge selection of different products you can market. There are both pro’s and cons, my opinion is that is is easier to relate to one network and choose the products to market from there, than to crawl the net and work with many. Whatever suits you is best for you.

#3. You can start selling links from your website. You can get several hundred dollars extra every month, just by selling links from your website. The more traffic you receive, and the higher pagerank Google gives your site, the more the links from your website are worth. You can choose to sell the links yourself by advertising them on different webmaster forums, or you can use a broker like Text-link-ads. A broker requires you to install a few lines of code on your site, and all you have to worry about is cashing in the monthly checks every month from the link sales they generate for you.