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Purchasing more stocks

Posted in Stock Market at 12:06 pm by admin

I have increased my position in Funcom, and I now hold shares for $7000. Age of Conan will be released in october, and the price will climb into the sky if it becomes a success. However, they are bankrupt if it flops.


I am putting all my eggs in one basket

Posted in Stock Market at 9:51 am by admin

The company name is Funcom, and I dont really care much about the price I pay pr share either right now. One simple reason, Age of Conan. Age of Conan is a massive multiplayer online roleplay game (mmorpg) based in a fantasy world. If a mmorpg game is successful, the company behind it makes incredibly much money. Examples of such successes are Blizzards World of Warcraft, Sonys EverQuest. Funcom have delivered before with Anarchy Online which was a success when it came out, and their new game Age of Conan is ready in the first quarter of 2007. I played EverQuest for 4 years, and I know what’s needed for a mmorpg to be a success. Age of Conan has everything, even a huge group of people waiting with high expectations for the game to be released. You cant tell that from the stock price tough, and I am convinced that the price pr share will skyrocket after it’s release.

There you have my reasons for purchasing stocks in Funcom, but I am well aware that I take a huge risk. If the game fails completly, Funcom will most likley go bankrupt and I loose all my money. If that happends, I have to start over again. One thing is for sure, I will never ever give up.


Oslo stock exchange sucks these days.

Posted in Stock Market at 3:47 pm by admin

My shares did good for a period of time, I own shares in Funcom, Tomra, Scorpion Offshore and Itera Consulting. Oslo Stock Exchange went straight up from October 2005 to May 2006, but then it crashed. My shares went down with all the others, and everything I gained has been lost. I went in with about $1800 and are probably down $150 now. Its not the worst loss, but it still sucks. At least I have learned something. I have to admit that my shares in Scorpion Offshore and Itera was nothing else than gambling. I bought because two major brokeres recommended to buy, and the market pointed straight up.

I have not sold any of my positions in those companies, I plan to hold on to my shares in Funcom untill Age of Conan has been released. I will probably buy more in Funcom as well, but I have no clue what to do with my position in Scorpion Offshore. Some say the oil price will go up again, that will definalty raise the value of them. On the other hand, the stock market in Norway is really bad right now and I never know what might happend. They are down 10% since I bought, so it was definatly a bad investment.


The stock market in Norway

Posted in Stock Market at 5:58 am by admin

As I wrote earlier, I started in December. What I have done so far?
I like to brag, so lets start with my success. Oslo stock exchange has been going straight up since October, and it shows no sign of stopping now. I dont think stocks are the best way to get rich, as I want to focus on assets that gives me a cashflow every month. But its hard to resist quick capital gain.I have invested about $800 in the Norwegian stock market so far.

$500 in a company named Tomra. They produce machines that makes recycling of bottles much easier. So far they are up 10%

$300 in a company named Funcom. They have just released the game The Longest Journey, and I think it will be a huge success. Late 2006, Funcom will release a game called Age of Conan, and I think that will be a huge success. The stock with multiply many times if Age of Conan become as popular as World of Warcraft. They are up 6% since I bought my shares. I placed an additional order for $400 in Funcom today as I expect the stock to go more up.