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Minor update, but drastic life decision

Posted in Blog at 7:09 am by admin

I was supposed to move to England to continue my studies, but I changed my mind in the last minute. It will cost me more money than it is worth so I decided to stay in Norway and get a job instead. They way I see it, I will reach my goals faster if I start earning real money now instaed of waiting two more years. My student loan would also skyrocket if I decided to continue, so I dont regret anything. At the moment, I have a temporarly job at a local warehouse but I am applying for several computer jobs.

I also bought another website, I paid a whooping $30 bucks for it, not much when you consider the fact that it have more than 1300 games installed, and a domain name alone costs about 10 dollars.

Thats it for now, I am busting my ass carrying boxes at a warehouse atm. The people I work with a nice, but the job itself is not fun. Classic hard work where I carry boxes, and it’s extremly boring. It is a good motivating factor for me to keep focused and pursuing my goal. I definatly dont want to work there for the rest of my life, so I have to keep working on my business when I am home.


End of September

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September was another good month. I havent really done much with my websites except planning a marketing strategy for my ringtone site, and still my income increased. Not by much, but it’s $85 pr month now, last month was only $75. The site I purchased earlier,, has experienced a huge increase in traffic. It receive more than 2000 unique visitors every day, but conversion rate is low. I need to figure out how I can monetize that site properly, but it certanly was a good investment.

I was supposed to move to UK this month, but I changed my mind in the last second. I have been full of doubt for a long time as it will cost me a lot of money to go there. Instead, I will get a full-time job and make some money. 10% of what I earn will be saved and placed into an investment account that I will use to purchase more websites. 60% will be used for living costs and the remaining 30% will be used to pay off my debt.