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The stock market in Norway

Posted in Stock Market at 5:58 am by admin

As I wrote earlier, I started in December. What I have done so far?
I like to brag, so lets start with my success. Oslo stock exchange has been going straight up since October, and it shows no sign of stopping now. I dont think stocks are the best way to get rich, as I want to focus on assets that gives me a cashflow every month. But its hard to resist quick capital gain.I have invested about $800 in the Norwegian stock market so far.

$500 in a company named Tomra. They produce machines that makes recycling of bottles much easier. So far they are up 10%

$300 in a company named Funcom. They have just released the game The Longest Journey, and I think it will be a huge success. Late 2006, Funcom will release a game called Age of Conan, and I think that will be a huge success. The stock with multiply many times if Age of Conan become as popular as World of Warcraft. They are up 6% since I bought my shares. I placed an additional order for $400 in Funcom today as I expect the stock to go more up.

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