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Current passive income pr month: $105.00


I open another arcade site

Posted in Business at 8:48 pm by admin

I have started another arcade site, bXarcade. I have had my other arcade sites for almost a year now, and their income is steady. It’s not much, but its a steady income. bxArcade might be a little different than the others as I have not purchased it, but I created it myself. I wont add 5000+ games to it, instead I plan to add quality games that are fun to play.


Purchasing more stocks

Posted in Stock Market at 12:06 pm by admin

I have increased my position in Funcom, and I now hold shares for $7000. Age of Conan will be released in october, and the price will climb into the sky if it becomes a success. However, they are bankrupt if it flops.


and T3Blogs is down….

Posted in Blog at 2:06 pm by admin

After receiving several emails about copyright infringement, I decided to take down Seems like I was violating several copyright laws, and I should certainly have known better. It was a waste of time, energy and money, and I pissed off a lot of people. However, I have learned several valuable lessons, and I doubt I will do something this stupid again.


T3Blogs is born

Posted in Blog, Business at 8:08 am by admin

A new blog network is born, The concept of an automated blog worked so well that I decided to create another one fully automatic one. I used an old domain that I had,, and it was then the idea of T3Blogs came. It will be a network with new blogs added daily, and it is something I believe will be my first financially success. I don’t have to put much time in it, new content is updated automatically, and it will receive natural organic traffic.


Trying a new concept, a food blog.

Posted in Business at 10:54 am by admin

I read on digital point about a guy who have more than a hundred automatic blogs who makes money for him. It sounds like an interesting concept, so I set up on myself. Food Fantasies is a blog about food, and I chose this subject because I love food myself. Maybe I will end up as a reader of this food blog :) It will be interesting to see how this little project goes. Domain names are practically free now as I pay for them with my paypal account so this project don’t cost me much.


Where did all my new posts go?

Posted in Blog at 12:33 pm by admin

I haven’t really done much the last months except watching the money come in. I have made money from ads, link sales, ringtones, clothes and today I received my first check from Sweet-Dating. Thats right, my dating site now have premium members who pay money every month just to be a member. I should have posted more often tough.
I have to say that I dreamed of much more money than what I make now, but I am not disappointed either. More than $100 pr month in profit from passive income helps my economy, and I have learned so much. I must admit that I have failed in marketing, as most of my sites still don’t have much traffic. The site with the most traffic is Arcade Baby, with a record of more than 2000 unique visitors in one day. It only averages 200 unique visitors pr day, but that is much more than what I can say for the rest of my web sites.


Creating my own content management system

Posted in Blog at 2:10 pm by admin

Creating a website from scratch takes a lot of work, especially if you want it to look better than most of my sites.

I am currently in the process of coding my own cms (content management system). I do this to make it easier for myself when I take on a new project. Sure, I could have used Joomla, but I would rather build one from scratch that is made exactly the way I want it to be. A custom made cms will make the creation and maintenance of my websites much easier and I will save a lot of time. And time is money, right?

What is the progress so far? The foundation of my cms is almost finished. I have a working admin panel, articles are stored in a mysql database and are automaticly linked up to the menu system when they are created. I have even created my own template engine system. What is left now is good looking html template that is easy to customize.


I am putting all my eggs in one basket

Posted in Stock Market at 9:51 am by admin

The company name is Funcom, and I dont really care much about the price I pay pr share either right now. One simple reason, Age of Conan. Age of Conan is a massive multiplayer online roleplay game (mmorpg) based in a fantasy world. If a mmorpg game is successful, the company behind it makes incredibly much money. Examples of such successes are Blizzards World of Warcraft, Sonys EverQuest. Funcom have delivered before with Anarchy Online which was a success when it came out, and their new game Age of Conan is ready in the first quarter of 2007. I played EverQuest for 4 years, and I know what’s needed for a mmorpg to be a success. Age of Conan has everything, even a huge group of people waiting with high expectations for the game to be released. You cant tell that from the stock price tough, and I am convinced that the price pr share will skyrocket after it’s release.

There you have my reasons for purchasing stocks in Funcom, but I am well aware that I take a huge risk. If the game fails completly, Funcom will most likley go bankrupt and I loose all my money. If that happends, I have to start over again. One thing is for sure, I will never ever give up.

End of October

Posted in Blog at 9:36 am by admin

Nothing much have happend since last month, my passive income is about the samt as last month so I wont update that. have been up for about a month, and has only made me a few dollars so far.

I currently work at a warehouse and dont make much money from that job. When I finally get home, I am dead tired and head straight to the couch in front of the TV. It is not a good situation, but it’s a start. I am sticking to my plan to save 10% of every cent I make, and I tell you, it’s not easy when you dont have much to start with. But I have kept to my plan so far However, I currently looking for a new job in the computer industry, and I expect to get a much better salary there. I doubt I will get a new job before new year, but I feel that I am more than qualified for a support/helpdesk job. When I was in the millitary, I worked as support/helpdesk for one of Europes biggest navy bases so I got some related job experience.


Minor update, but drastic life decision

Posted in Blog at 7:09 am by admin

I was supposed to move to England to continue my studies, but I changed my mind in the last minute. It will cost me more money than it is worth so I decided to stay in Norway and get a job instead. They way I see it, I will reach my goals faster if I start earning real money now instaed of waiting two more years. My student loan would also skyrocket if I decided to continue, so I dont regret anything. At the moment, I have a temporarly job at a local warehouse but I am applying for several computer jobs.

I also bought another website, I paid a whooping $30 bucks for it, not much when you consider the fact that it have more than 1300 games installed, and a domain name alone costs about 10 dollars.

Thats it for now, I am busting my ass carrying boxes at a warehouse atm. The people I work with a nice, but the job itself is not fun. Classic hard work where I carry boxes, and it’s extremly boring. It is a good motivating factor for me to keep focused and pursuing my goal. I definatly dont want to work there for the rest of my life, so I have to keep working on my business when I am home.

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